thouhgts of Sam
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2001-12-06 16:45:41 (UTC)

Math Models Yet again!

Well, here I am once again in my math models class. We just
got finished with some stupid assesment test. I had to take
one for algebra 2 also but this one was so much eaiser. I
dont really understand what this class is about I thought
we were going to balance our check books in this class or
figure out about credit card intrest. We have done nothing
worth while as of yet. I also bought willow on saturday I
know I just changed the subject but it's ok cause I'm sam
and no one cares. I am ready for this weekend I am not sure
what I'm going to do yet but I know I will have fun, simply
because, I dont work. I am so ready to graduate. I really
hate school. I want so bad to finished but I have so long
to go and I know the second semester will go so slow.
Yikes I have to get off the computer so I will talk more in
depth about my day or how I am feeling at a later point in

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