The Nine Faces of Dave
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2001-12-06 15:27:38 (UTC)

teh intarnet si still brokan!!!1

Yep, it's been five days and AT&T still hasn't fixed my
damn internet connection. While I don't mind reading
Something Awful at school, there is NOBODY here in
my Yearbook class who seems to understand it. I
seem to be the only one who appreciates the comic
genius of Jeff K. The others just look at me and wonder
what exactly is so damn funny. Ah well, them's the
breaks and all that jazz.

So last night I was listening to a recording of Traffic's
"Berkshire Poppies." Thing is, it seemed to be from a
big rehearsal. Nonetheless, "Berkshire Poppies" is a
really cool song, and Traffic is still the greatest band of
all time.

We have a half day of school today, so I'm preparing to
leave and engage in whatever debauchery comes my
way today. Most likely, the afternoon will consist of me
eating some food I don't like, then sleeping until the
meeting for my CS class. Half days depress the hell
out of me. Not quite so much as days off, though.

This area is depressing as fuck, I must say. All urban
and quasi-urban areas are. Any place where people
can exist with no real connection to their world is no
place for me.

"Day in the city
Oh what a pity
I could be in Berkshire where the poppies are so