My Thoughts
2001-12-06 15:11:40 (UTC)

3 Days....

Hello again......well well well....yesterday was my Chem
exam, and of course I feel I studied way more than I needed
to...I do that all the damn time. It seemed pretty easy,
but things can be deceiving. We'll I am going
to work really hard on Biology (the exam is at 8 a.m.
tomorrow morning). I also have a Chem lab exam tomorrow,
which I keep refering to as " a joke" but I am getting the
feeling it might be harder than the lecture exam. Oh well,
I have a perfect grade in lab....morons could get perfect
grades in lab (knock on wood). Anyways, got back last night
after the exam to an empty room...the roomies went to see
the tree lighting; meanwhile I was still on, oh, question
60 of my exam. I am glad it is over. The only thing I
really worried about is Calculus. There is all this stuff
that I have to do in the next 72 hours...defrost the
fridge, clean the room, buy my new books, sell back the old
ones, laundry, pack, call my mother, send a letter to my
grandparents who at this point probably think I am one
ungrateful grandchild, um...what else...oh yeah STUDY!!!!
Good lord I need a miracle. Tia asked me yesterday if she
could use my Cliffs book for AP Bio, so I said yeah, but it
is really falling apart. I just hope it makes it one more
year so I can pass it on to Bradley if he takes AP Bio. It
was a good Cliffs book (in fact I have used it here in
college....but I guess it is time to move on). My dad is
coming Saturday after my Examen Final de Espanol, so he can
sell all my books back and make sure I don't screw anything
up. Then he is leaving me alone so I can try to remember 10
chapters of Calc. New Books...oh boy. All my other books
are going back. I am not sad to see them go. I wasted $100
alone on workbooks and a solutions manual that I never
used. Can't sell those back though. Damn it. New books are
kind of exciting because it means I am done with all the
old stuff. I hated this semester. I hope next semester is
better. Well the time has come for me to get movin on that
list of stuff that needs to be done....