Don Juan

2001-12-06 14:30:07 (UTC)

Talking to Hope

This girl is sooooo awesome! She's funny, smart, and fun
loving. All I've ever looked for in a girl. And she loves
to argue!!! I love that about her. And she's really into
me too, that's always a plus. We talked for about 3 hours
last night and it didn't seem any longer than a couple of
minutes. I like it when I can do that with somebody...
especially since I don't like talking on the phone anyway.
She has an awesome personality and is VERY not bad
looking. I think those are a deadly combination. We
talked about a lot of stuff last night... mainly what we
were going to do Friday or Saturday. I think we ended up
agreeing to go to Macon and play around at the mall. And
she didn't want me to take her out to a nice place to
eat... she insisted that we eat at Burger King or
something. Which I don't mind that at all, but sometimes I
like to spend a little money and take the person I like to
a nice place to eat. It was so funny!! We were talking
about where we were going to eat and I suggested something
nice like Outback or the Olive Garden... all she did was
ask if I was trying to impress her. I had to say yes...
because I guess that's why I was doing it. She just said,
"I've seen you sleep, eat, and I've smelled your farts
(funny story)... you don't have to impress me."
That was an awesome statement for me to hear. I
really want this one to work out... and I have a feeling
that it just might. Let me tell you why she said that:
While on the bus ride home from Disney I went to sleep in
the seat beside her. You know guys can't control their
bowles while they sleep... so, I let one go apparently.
She couldn't go anywhere because I had her foot traped
under mine. So she had to stay there... she could have
woken me up, I don't know why she didn't. Later on they
started writing on my face and doing all kinds of
things to me... it was kinda mean, but I think I
handled it pretty well. When I did finally wake up, I just
laughed and got Hope to wash it off for me. That was a
nice feeling... she was so caring with every stroke of the
pillow case (yeah, okay... pathetic sounding I know). Then
after we talked about all that... neither of us wanted to
get off the phone. But I could tell she was sleepy. I
told her I'd stay on the phone until she fell asleep.
She's so competative... I love it. She told me that she
could stay up longer than I could... and for me to not
worry about it... she'd let me go as soon as I fell to
sleep. I knew she wasn't going to win because I almost
never get more than 5 hours of sleep a night. She kept
falling asleep and everytime I'd say "Hope... wake up."
She'd come back in a sleepy Hope voice with, "Huh... I
wasn't alseep, I don't know what you're talking about." So
competative... I love it! Maybe this one will work out for
me... I really hope so.