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2001-12-06 12:19:28 (UTC)

December 6th

just getting up early this morrning, with the help of Misty
Greencorn (she made crash at a decent hour and woke me up
too so I might get a regular healthy sleeping pattern if
this keeps up ^_^). she got me to promise to tell her
what either her birthday or March Break surprise is if I
didn't get off the phone,, not have people over, or be
online after midnight - so that worked, except I hadd a
really hard time sleeping because she brought up her legs
and various other imagery and memories that made it hard to
fall asleep to ( but dreams were good... ). All puns
admittedly intended... that girl... sigh... well, I
don't mind so what can I do? *slow warm introspective
smile* *stretching!* mmmmm, ya... shower now, so bye for
now. And thanx Misty.

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