Borrowed Light
2001-12-06 09:42:20 (UTC)


hey day 3 of riot was pretty tiring but still rocking all
at once. im actualy pretty sad right now... i just caught
coreys soul up on screen and i am fully feeling his
vulneribility. i think i have come to the conclusion that
nothing in this life is stable and when you stop trying to
get things that are stable and just live in anarchy you will be much
happier. because then really, how can you go wrong? you will never
be shocked or disappointed because you wont be expecting anything.
well another short one and a another early morning tomorrow, argh

night night

sam xo

oh yeah by the way the reason im upset for corey is because
of him and tam, i will post a link to his diary up here one
day if i get permission. i think we are catching up
tomorrow... finally :)

-Hey, how come Andrew gets to get up? If he gets up, we'll all get
up, it'll be anarchy!

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