Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-12-06 08:41:14 (UTC)

Long time no see!

I haven't written in this since September!!! Apologies!
Anyway, if you read my last entry, I finished with that
guy. What else have I been doing? Well, went to the talent
finals, didn't get anywhere but it was a good laugh. That
week a guy who worked down there told me he liked me, the
feeling was kinda mutual, but he had a gf and she really
tried to kick my ass!!!!! Eventually, he split with her
(tho she didn't let go of him easily!) and we got together,
but he's living in Manchester and I'm in Bristol. The
distance is hard. I'm thinking about asking him how he
feels about leaving our relationship til we can be together
properly. It's not like my parents would be over the moon
about it anyway, I'm 17 and he's 25. Altho age shudn't
I've decided that I don't know what I want with guys.
There's been an incident with a guy in college, he likes
me, and knows I have a bf. He got mad at me the other day,
accused me of leading him on, and said that loads of guys
in college think I do that. It really hurt. I don't do it
purposly or anything, so that was shit. I don't even know
if I want a relationship with anyone. The chase is fun, but
I haven't even found anyone I really want to be with. It's
Anyway home life is a downward spiral. Can't wait til I go
to Uni!!!!!!!!! Dawn and Emma (scum of the universe) keep
getting me in shit and they love it! BITCHES!!!!!!
Right, thats about all. I'll probably be back in about 2
months (nah, it'll be sooner this time, promise!) to
In a bit....

Saxqueen xXx