2001-12-06 07:34:23 (UTC)


For some strange reason, I'm in a great mood. I was being
so stupid at work today; I mean everyone was laughing at
me. But oh well, I put everyone in a better mood. I dont
know why I'm so happy but I am.
I didn't get to spend that much time with Justin today, but
that's alright. The time that we spent together was great.
We laughed together, and just showed we loved each other,
and it was a great feeling. I'm feeling a little empty with
him not here, but I know he loves me, and no matter where
he is, I'll know that, and I'll feel it.
I got Wes to ask Keisha out today. It was so sweet.
Keisha's a little freaked because she doesn't want this to
turn out like her and Isaac, but she's kind of excited.
They're not really "going out" but they are gonna go to the
movies. I can't wait! They're gonna be so cute together!
Well, I'm gonna talk to Mark for a little longer, and then
I'm gonna go to bed. G'Nite!
You know who