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The Real Me
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2001-12-06 06:09:00 (UTC)

I'm lost and bored

Today is the same old day...... nothing happen.... and
everything is the same...... I woke up earlier today
(strange enough, huh?) at about 9 am. I ate some cereals
and I forgot to catch up with my favourite program on TV.
Damn !! Hehehe.... actually, I planned to go to klcc or
midvalley to buy a brand new swimming wear. I feel so
transparent in my old one. It's kind of loose and I look
bad in it. Coincidentally, an 'engineer; is dued to come to
my house to install my sound card and I'm in charge to
escort him while he's fixing the computer. Mum made that as
an excuse and she said we will make it another day. Oh
well !! I'm really bored at home. I feel like taking some
courses but at the same time, i'm quite lazy. Maybe I will
take some Japanese classes this weekend : ) I went to
aerobic twice a week and thank god I survive the boredom
b'coz of that. Thatz all : ) I have to go now byby