Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-12-06 05:43:40 (UTC)


SUCH A GREAT DAY TODAY! :) and can u believe I almost
forgot to write about it!? aggh. I was all ready for bed
and crawling in and I was like AGGH I forgot to write! so
here I am-- back on the comp at 12:42! aghh.. anyways..

1- school was fun-- played FRISBEE in gym-- outside even!
can u believe that? OUTSIDE IN NY IN DECEMBER!? thats nuts!

2- Bob CALLED ME! haha.. isnt that just great-- I usually
call him.. and he was in such a good mood! so weird! Ill
write more about that tom!

3- Asad and I are getting to be friends! isnt that neat!?
the boy I was scared of like 2 yrs ago! lol..

WELL my mom just woke up and is angry @ me so I g/g!