It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-06 05:41:35 (UTC)

yup yup

i don't have a whole lot to say, but i think my short time
obsession w/ marta is over. she's goin out with that kid,
and im just chillin. that's cool with me, but im thinking
if i see her again, ill probably kiss her or something.
that might let her know something's up though. ahh well. i
might get slapped, i might get kicked, but at least i won't
be wasting my youth and my time wondering if she does or
doesn't like me. im tryin to get enough $$$ together so i
can go to like...7 concerts, 4 of wish are a must see. most
are on days i don't work, and i do, i can just go when i
get out. hopefully some other folks can drive, and payin
for parking is a biiiitch. kinda like this girl i used to
date...i think im just gonna go to bed, i don't see me
gettin an oppourtunity to sleep in anytime soon, so im
gonna try to get in as much as i can. later.

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