What's up now?
2001-12-06 05:09:28 (UTC)


Do you want to kill me now or later?? I really find it
VERY annoying when you try soo hard to remain really close
with people from home, but it seems as if they couldnt care
less....UGH!!! But on another note, I just got paid 10.20
for doing pretty much nothing....and I got a cool ass pen
and some candy, oh and a grape ornament :) hehe....what a
silly gift! It was a bunch of crap but whatever....Thanks
again for being such a good friend(you know I still love
you VERY much, it just sucks)....but I do have the BESTEST
friend in the world up here...shes sooo awesome :) I got a
bazillion hot pink signs up all over my room today, it made
me soo happy!!!! And jacob is standing right here....ooooh
he's such a hottie :) damn....if I could have him(j/K)....ohhh
baby!!!! hahah okay.....went to the 2nd sex party of the
week....good times....bought some cool stuff :) Rachey did
too!! Jacob wishes.....:) Anyways enough of that....I
miss my BF...Only 9 more days!!! Thing have been SOO great
lately...he didnt call me back today, but thats cool, i
still can't wait!!! Love ya baby!!! Anyways off to

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