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2001-12-06 04:47:04 (UTC)

Almost There...Tryingto Hold On: Stardate 10112.05

The following entry is rated "T" for "Teen," since I get
pissed off and start swearing at one point in here...

Well, here I am...past the midway point in the week, and
life is brighter. Here's the latest update:

MassComm: Nothing to do, nothing to worry about...It's all

English: Research Paper in 6 Hours! That includes
research! I really shouldn't do that, but I'm getting so
good at it...perhaps it will help some day in the future
when I've goofed off all of my free time looking at porn,
and I need to get in the status report.

Logic: I almost had a heartattack on this one...lost
computer usage right before I was about to print it out.
Luckily, I have the golden touch and fixed the
that paper is passed in. The odd days are now ranked ALL

Astronomy: Well now...where there's an "unbreakable force"
anywhere, there's guarenteed a chink in the armor...and
here it is. I have a paper due on Tuesday...that Tuesday
the 4th. It's still not done...I imagine that I can pull
that grade out of my here to BS!

Statistics: Don't need to worry until aproximately
Thursday, since that's when we have our review for the
final...ah yes. Relaxation...

Okay, so school life has improved vastly, but things in my
normal life continue to poke holes in my ass! GOD DAMN
MOTHER FUCKING FATE! (I told you I'd swear in here...)
This weekend, I will be travelling to North Adams to hang
out with my family in North Adams...something that I am not
really supposed to be doing, but since when have any form
of restrictions stopped me?
This is good - I get to hang out with Maryanne and the rest
of the family that I haven't seen in practically years.
That's a very bright spot on the weekend...but there's a
small blemish: No Tia. Maryanne considered having my
dearest Little One along to hang out and join us...sadly,
she'll be in War-Chester (pronounced and spelled wrong on little irriation with that city has become
profoud, so forgive me, MA residents!) until late...and the
chances of seeing her are growing only hopes is
playing a few tricks on Sunday...we'll have to see how well
that works out...Goddess be with me, I'll be with her this
weekend. I miss her terribly. Which is why I'm
swearing...I miss her, and not having her with me hurts a much that I can't really feel anything. That
sounds silly...but without her, it's like my heart stops
beating. It's heard to explain, but my emotions go on
standby when I return to school. It's a rough ride...but I
know we'll get through. Now, if I can just get this
fucking weekend to work...
BTW, I thank the Goddess for whatever outcome I get...It
will be in my best interest anyway (although this sounds
silly, it grateful with the Universe, even if
life sucks, and you'll find more to be grateful's

Well, that's it...I'm tired, and if I'm going to make it to
Astronomy tomorrow, I must rest...damn sleep lag...

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