the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-12-06 03:47:10 (UTC)

just when i had given up all hope----he gave me back my faith

you know its really weird
lately i have been in the worst mood but last night made
all the difference in the world
luke my best guy friend in the entire world called me to
apologize for the bad terms that he left on
he misses me more than anything and we have talked for
hours on end for the last 2 days now
things are falling into place
and well im just happy
he is coming home for christmas
i cant wait
unfortunately the bad news is that i got bit by a dog
it really hurts
and its green and purple
i can barely move my arm well stretch it out that is

but back to the happy times
------memories memories memories------
arent they grand
just thinking back to all the times that luke and i have
spent together
we have known each other for such a long time
they always say you are supposed to marry your best friends
i guess we will find out
i miss him lots but he is supposed to call tomorrow night
so ill get to talk to him and then the 20th of december ill
get to see him
:):) :) :)
well im gonna get to warming myself up its freezing down
here have a good night all
love you all

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