just a normal life
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2001-12-06 03:27:15 (UTC)

hey! wellll lets see i haven t..

hey! wellll lets see i haven't written nething the past
couple of days cuz i just have such a boring life! lol but
its all good lets see ummm i went to a basketball game on
monday and on tuesday...i sat at home and did my hw that i
reallly dind't understand! Makes it kinda hard to do so i
had to ask someone in the morning for help but we didn't
take it as a grade neways!(ya thats how boring i am i talk
about homework!) but lets see ummm last night someone told
me that someone thought i was hott! yay! but i don't really
believe em cuz he lies alot and i don't really have that
kinda self confidence to believe it! yea thats horrible i
think i should work on that! At least i'm not as shy as i
used to be! ummm tonight i went to church youth group with
ju and that was fun! cuz i just luv goin to church cuz i
luv our church and i luv God and i luv the ppl there! i'd
say those are good reasons! yaya! but that was like the
first wed. i've been able to go in like a month cuz i was
actually able to finish my hw! yea i've been havin way to
much of that lately! but lets see i got outa school for a
while today cuz we got to go see the nutcracker if we were
in drama or chorus! yep ooo! and something new! that will
hopefully make my life a lil more fun every thursday night
i think me and some friends are gonna start takin dance in
Pekin! which is something i reallly miss since i quit
gymnastics and cheerleading! lol i know such a quiter but i
stopped cheerleading cuz it wasn't really all that fun for
me nemore and i figured i wouldn't have the time for it
with gymnastics 5 days a week but then i ended up having to
quit gym becuz i injured my tailbone and theres nothing i
can do about it except for waith till i'm completely done
growing and all my growth plates are closed and then i
should be until then its like pain whenever i sit!
yea but i think its gettin better cuz i can do a few flips
before it starts hurting! so newayz this is really long for
a really boring person and i kinda hope ppl don't read it
cuz i just like go on and on to get stuff out! ahh it feels
good so yea gtg now so Godbless to all! luv ya!