Joshin Jane

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2001-12-06 03:19:34 (UTC)

harkness tables and grandmothers

i said i wouldn't.
i said i didn't feel anything.
but i saw him again and somehow we ended up in a dark classroom,
upstairs in pop hall.
i'm in a boyfriend place right now.
and you're not a boyfriend situation.
he said he thought we'd had a connection, that we didn't know each
other well enough but that we could get to know each other better.
i have issues; i haven't learned to let go of my regrets.
he said he wanted to listen.
so we sat in the dark and we talked and i thought and i questioned
myself and i questioned him and i found myself wanting to lean over
and kiss him.
one of those romantic, slow, movie kisses.
so what was the difference this time? anita asked. why weren't you repulsed?
i guess i just went with the flow.
he said i would regret not taking the opportunity.
a "message."
this is incoherent, i think i'm only making sense to myself.
i can smell him on the clothes i wasn't wearing.
i'll stop now.
[grandma bras]

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