mark my words
2001-12-06 03:14:18 (UTC)

j in wonderland

today was slightly boring. i'm still grounded, but i was
able to sneak out for a half hour and smoke a nice blend of
some kb and jamaican mids. i was so fucked up that my
entire body was tingling. it was pretty nice. i've been
stressed lately, so to just relax from that was much
needed. but when we were high, mark (not the one i'm
obsessed with!) gave me a lecture about THC and what it
actually does... something about how it's a poison and
blocks blood flow to the brain, but it's not dangerous
unless you smoke 4,000 normal bowls. and how it only kills
100 brain cells while a few beers will kill 100,000. maybe
that stuff is all true, but the shit is hard on the lungs
for sure. i was taking such deep hits that the smoke was
burning the insides of my ears... you stoners will know
what i'm talking about. so that was my enjoyable day! i'm
soo burnt now though, i'm going to just go pass out in my
nice warm bed.
random updates on bill and shit like that... he wasn't in
school monday or today, but yesterday he like grabbed my
stomach and was like "heyyyy..." i was like "uh hi". he's
never not sweet to me, its just the times that he's not
around and should be. but i'm over that shit!
but tom is having a huge party that is going to last ALL
WEEKEND! bill is grounded, but if he goes, i'll get myself
out of grounding and get my ass there too.
and i found out that i am the last girl that mark's slept
with, and it's been since early october. ooooh. how
nice :)
getting my burnt ass to sleep...