Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-06 03:11:21 (UTC)


Oh man, I seriuosly want to move away and go to a new
school. All that my school is about is gossip and
popularity and all that shit and I'm sick of it. I mean
there are a few people that I would miss, but not that
many. The same people who act like they are my best friends
and dish out the sympathy are the same ones who spread the
words to everyone and make fun of me when I'm not around.
I'm sick of it. Isn't it weird how you can just take some
time apart from the guy you love so that he can concentrate
really hard on the thing that's the best he could do for
his future....and then suddenly everyone turns it
into "they broke up...". Gosh Dangit why can't everyone
just be nice to everyone else and mean it and not talk bad
about others and everyone just get along? I wish I knew a
place where I could go to find all taht. No, actually I
wish that me and zack could see each other more often, and
that it was february already so that we could just be
together like I know we will be, and then I won't have to
worry about all the crap that goes on at school becuase
when I'm with him all of my problems go away and I'm so
happy and I don't have a care in the world except staying
like that forever. mom is yelling at me
now.....can u just come here and shoot me now? I want it