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2001-12-06 03:03:46 (UTC)

One would think so

One would think that, (danny, ce, skedy, beaker, ernest
and andrew), the guys, would be our (lexi and myself)
friends and the guys that we date and hang out. one
would think that we a a group we are a "crew" but the
one who thinks that is terriably mistaken, as of recent
events i just found that the guys i hung out with for 3
and a half years could care less about lexi and i we just
their fan club. but come on one would think cuz lexi and
i are the most popular girls we would hang out with the
most popular guys, (our guys, the guys) and for 3 long
years we believed that person and forgave the guys
every time they hurts,every time they made fun of us,
every time they harrassed us. every time they played
with our emtions and EVERY SINGLE time we forgave
them and life went on. but for some reason every one
around us saw what they were doing and we never saw
not one time were they truthfull with us, not once did
they call us to invite us to thier parties, and not once did
they even think a bout opening up to us when we would
pour out hearts out to them
and to you this may seem like a bad case of being
played and most likely your right but those 6 guys are
our life i sadly love all 6 of them they are so funny,
smart, they are fun to be with and they are AWESOME at
ALL sports but for some reason they have decided NOT
to mature when lexi and i are maturing but i guess
when we thought we were on the same page as them
we were wrong
and i am scared that i am going to lose my friendship i
apprenly dreamed up with them but i have feeling that i
know it was real becuz they were times you could not
tear us apart from those guys and those guys could not
be torn apart from lexi and i but i guess they were not
ready to have a good girl bud that would hang out with
them and watch them play sports and cheer for them a
girl pal that would call them on a sat, nite to go party
with them a girl pal that would listen to them dream
about the girl they like, a girl pal that could depend on
them to be there for her and a pal that would be there
for them if they ever decided to open to us and actually
stop playing games but i know it sucks to say this but if
ever there is s time that any of those 6 or maybe all 6, if
they ever need a friend to talk to you or just for me to
listen or even cheer for them at games i will do it. i
know it bad to say this, becuz my friends and family
would move on find new firends but they EVER need
me i am here and plz i hope that one day they will be
able to say that they need help
thats all i really want from them

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