Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-06 02:36:05 (UTC)

damn EMO

Hey everyone
Sup ? not much here ! So how are all of you ??? I am good
well I think this damn EMO (again too lazy) is pissing me
off ! Today was really URG! ok well it was fine till
about 6th hour when I got taken out of class and escorted
down to the principals office! because some lil bitch made
up some shit about me , ashley,courtney, and my lil sister
and got us in so much trouble! Omg! i was so pissed! So
anyways the principal bitched me out and I wanted to
scream ! wow I had so much anger ! Well I get on the bus
right and I am all ready to like hurt someone and the lil
bitch stands up and goes "so have a nice chat with the
pricipal you dirty whore ?! " and she is in 7th grade . and
I was like " ok now your dead " I through my bag to zack
and I was like ready to hit her and Zack tackles me into
the seat stradles me and won't let me up . SO i am laying
on my back and he is sitting on me and I was like 'let me
up' and he wouldn't cause he was idk didn't want me to get
in trouble ! so finally after i quit struggling I
said 'look I promise I won't HURT her ! ' and he goes ' ok
if you promise ' and I was like 'yea yea i do now get off '
so he gets off and I jump the seats and I was like " i
won't hurt her I will kill her ' anyways I am in mid air
and he grabs the hood of my sweatshirt and pulls me into
some seat! then sits on top of me .well he wasn't letting
me up and I was getting pissed and that bitched stuck her
face in mine while i was laying down and was like 'haha '
and I was like ' ok now you are really going to die ' and i
shoved Zack off me and jumped the seat and tackled her and
i was ready to hit her when Zack pulled me off her and
threw me into the seat and sat on me again ! lol ! it was
so funny ! well then later this afternoon after i got home
I notice that there is a cop car patroling my street !
great huh! well I had a nice convo with the cop when he
came to my door! also whoever keeps writing the 'ummmm '
responses that say 'ummm ' every two words please write and
tell me who you are ! I am not mad I just want to know !
well I also learned that one of my 'friends' is mad at me
cause I like adam ! ok can I like never win here! I swear
not matter who I like someone gets mad at me over it ! Well
fine to this friend if you are going to be upset with me
about it I will back off of adam a bit! geez people ! does
no one want me happy ??? cause thats the way it seems !
grrr I hate people sometimes, well alot of the times I hate
people ! they just urg *breathe * make me so angry ! this
is why I don't have alot of 'girl ' friends , ya know !
like at school most of my friends are guys ! but urg ! when
girls get mad over shit like this or over how another looks
thats just so gay! forgive me but it is ! seriously ! no
joke ! ! since I am such a nice friend I will back off adam
a lil bit for my friend ! so she doesn't spaz out on me !
well I really gotta bounce!