buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-12-06 02:32:30 (UTC)

another great day!

yeah, i still don't know why i have been having these good
days, but i have. it's really cool. i had a good day again
today. we had practice from 3-4:30. then i got to come home
long enough to run into the house to get my organ books and
run back out to go to lessons. then at 6 i had a hair
appointment. i got my hair layered again. it's really cool!
i like it. my mom says it's really cute on me. :) that's
good. i play organ at church on sunday....i pretty much have
my songs down tho. yay! that means i shouldn't mess up that
bad. my luck i will tho. oh well....life will go on. i have
my songs for christmas eve so that will go pretty good. at
least it better! geeze! there's nobody online to talk to:(
just liz...nope, she's gone. i wonder where emily is. she
usually is on at this time. i'm gonna play a game now.
g'night all!

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