edy's life
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2001-12-06 02:32:10 (UTC)

edwrd skiizorhandz

i just feel outa place i feel liek im floating alone thru
outer spacee evrywere i turn n look i cee your face im
losing everything i lost i figure this is what life cost im
not tryin to get rid of you im the one that should be towst
im wasting away just tryin to be unknown every thing i ever
stole and theres notihng left to be shown i gess this is
destiny just to be alone ..

i feel liek edwrd skizohnds when he cuts the girl near the
end in her had after he made the beautiful angle i feel
liek i cut you down i feel liek i cut you bad now you sit
there alone commmitted and sad im withering away im
feeling as if this is everything i begun to say. this isnt
a plee for help or a cry for love just one last attempt to
get you to realize that im nothing and what i am its not

your bed doesnt knwo the first thing about waiting
the waiting is worth it if its waiting for you ......

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