i guess this is what u want to read..
2001-12-06 02:14:46 (UTC)

ice cream

hey today i went to school with a smile on my face and
nothing could mess that up today. when we sit in the cafe.
in the morning i always see the guy i like a lot..uhhh he
makes me feel so good inside..no not horny!..hah ne way..it
was a pretty good day..no one made fun of me..haha..then i
got home..did some house work..got on the net..talked to
buds..went out to skateboard..omg i have not done it for
like 2 weeks bc i messed up my leg. ne way came home..got
back on the net..and omg look who was on...Uhhhh..that guy
that gives me the nice feelings inside..hehe..and guess
what..I TALKED TO HIM!!!!..hehe we talked for like
20mins..it felt sooo good...hehe..and then i went for a
walk..i take walks a lot to get away from my yelling
dad...then i came home and listened to cd's..and thats all

todays feeling: good yet great