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2001-12-06 01:25:28 (UTC)


Well..today I actually drove around Nashville some. I
took Joey to work and ran some errands and managed to
actually not get lost. YAY FOR ME! Though Joey insists I'm
an Eshu anyway..so that doesn't really matter *smirks* (all
of you that should know will).
So this weekend Conrad's coming to visit. Should be
nice...I haven't seen him since I went home from Dragon
Con..in early Sept. Though..he's a vegitarian..and I'm
trying to figure out what the hell I'll feed him since Joey
is an avid Meat Eater *grr*, but we'll figure something out
:) We always do.
Kira's acting up again..she's sitting at the kitchen
table with a yogart in front of her not getting anything
else cause she lied about it instead of sayin she didn't
like it.. and now it's all warm and gooey and shehas been
ther over an hour and has almost 2 to go..and she refuses
to eat it..thinking of anything to get out of it. If she
had just said in the first place she didn't like it it
instead of lying.. she wouldn't be sitting there. I don't
know what she insists on thinking she can lie and it'll be
better. How long did it take you to figure out when lies
wouldn't work? And I mean..she's never gotten away with
one..she can't cover her ass for shit and always changes
her story. *sighs*

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