even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-06 00:51:09 (UTC)

i have the hiccups

so.. i ahve the hiccups... ivve gotten them twice today,
but i ahevn;t gottent hem in a really long time
otherwise... i just tought baout boys.. but today we had an
amnesty internationla meeting... and id on;t knwo if i
really like the whole thing that amnesty stands for.. so
i'll keep goign to the meetings and see if i get it.. they
are fun though, but it ink josh white hates me, cause... i
don;t knwo hwy, but i today i got the impression that he
didn;t liek me much.. also, klinger was there... we laughed
at him, hes fun... so speaking of klinger.. yesterday lee
came over, he got into a car wreck kind of, and needed tot
alk, so.. we talk and hes all... blahish, and... so... as
he .. it was fucking weird, he tried to kiss me... and then
we talked and hes like, i like you katy.. it was really
odd.. i mean,i expected it, like, it snot liek i had no
idea, but, i would have figured lee would have been more
slick than he was... and its ok, i dont; like lee... and he
knows that, so i think it'll be ok... and i stayed up
really late last night to write a paper, but i eneded up
goign to sleep and not finishing it, but it turned out to
be ok, and not due until tuesday, so i think i'll take care
of a large portion of it tonight... i just talked to paul,
tagge has a big crush on alex, its so cute.. and paul was
like, sorry abotu tennyson.. and i was like, yea its ok..
so... you know.. my hiccups are gone, and i love the
world.. how nice.. today was a good day, at least, right
now is good.. so.. i dont; knwo.. today was ogod, im gonan
write, and things will be great.. tomrow i have math..
fucking, i got too school late, 20 minutes,a nd the ocunted
me absent! its crap! well,t ehresse democracy for you...