Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2001-12-06 00:46:34 (UTC)

I Hate School!

Ugh....another boring, meaningless day that I can ramble on
about. God, I don't know why I have let my grades slip up
so badly......I have a 91 I think in geomerty, an 89 in b.
economics which I will bring up to a 90 by report card, god
knows what I have in English, I know I have an A in
geography, an A in biology I'm sure, and I have an 88 in
Spanish which I will have an A in if I make a 97 in this
brochure thing I have to do in class tomarrow. But I mean
if you went to this school you would see what I am talking
about. An A at this school is like a B anywhere else. The
teachers just spoon feed the students so much shit that it
gets really boring. Anyway, I am pissed off because of my
weight so I thimk I am going to go have a shoot me! I know it is bad and
discusting but frankly I hope I die from it!!!