daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-12-06 00:38:40 (UTC)

Varying Levels of Utmost Stupidity

Well, what I alluded to when I last wrote will now
become manifest in this little journal of mine. I did
something completely ballsy and idiotic. However, nothing
came of my action. I was riding the tails of a power-
tripped emotional high due to a work related incident. My
curiosity piqued and feelings of bravery coursing through
my stupid veins, I saw the MM come online the next
morning. And I did it. I messaged him. I only wanted to
ask him one question...THE question; just why in the hell
did he tell me he missed me and wanted to get back
together, set up a date and subsequently stand me up and
ignore me last August? Keep in mind I hadn't seen him for quite some
time. So I sent him a message that ran like this:

"My curiosity has lain dormant until now. So I'd
like to ask you one question and then I'll leave
you alone."

After two minutes with no reply, he got offline.
Cowardly bastard. I suppose I'll never know now. I should
never have done it, but I felt that maybe, just maybe,
there was a chance that he would respond. I don't know why
I feel this way. I've never been so consumed with both
unrequited love and a fiery ball of hatred for one person
in my entire life. I've completely exhausted the whole
Brian issue, so on to the next dumb things that come to

(five minutes later)

After finishing a piece of pineapple upside down cake
(thanks, Ma) I have decided that I am incredibly bored and
have nothing else to write. So I'll leave it at that and
until next time remain the ever-pathetic


P.S. Oh, forgot to mention. I didn't get Weezer/Tenacious D
tickets. The concert is tonight. Which is why I'm stuck here.