2001-12-06 00:37:51 (UTC)

The Christmas Season Begins

December can be a joyous month but it can also be a
difficult one. Everything seems to happen at once and it
takes so much time and energy to make order out of the
chaos. It's easy to forget something or overlook someone.
There's worry about what bad weather might do to plans
well-made and everything can become derailed by someone
getting sick. It helps if I can remember to just take one
thing at a time and relax and remember that there really is
no such thing as perfect. Sometimes good enough is good
enough and will do very well indeed. A little patience and
prayer don't hurt a bit either.

That said, on to the news of the day.

This morning began with a trip to Costco. First we bought
gas for the mini-van. The price was $1.03 a gallon which is
the lowest I've seen yet. Then we went shopping.
John found a watch for Hugh and I bought assorted groceries,
mainly the basics--flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter and
coffee. There will be one more trip to Costco before
Christmas for anything I may have forgotten or to get more
basics, as needed.

Then on the eye doctor's appointment. First, was the
requirement that we go to the registration desk to set up a
vision file. Why? we asked. Because if we don't they'll
bill our medical insurance and it'll be denied. But they're
the same insurance company and all claims are mailed to the
same address, we responded. It doesn't matter, she told me.
It's A RULE. Oh, one of those. Okay. So off we went to do

They began a new billing system a few months ago supposedly
because it would be more efficient but, naturally, it isn't.
We used to get one bill which listed all members of the
family, which doctor they'd seen, how much the insurance
claim had paid and at the bottom, what we owed. No longer.
Now each individual in the family gets a bill and they're
not nearly so clear to understand as they were before.
We're left wondering who the doctor was, what was his
charge, if the insurance has paid their share or what we
owe, if anything. Even if we can figure out what we owe,
John doesn't want to write a check for each person but if he
doesn't apparently it muddles their billing system.
Frustrating. And certainly not efficient for anyone, as
far as I can see.

After a visit of well over an hour (a good part of that
waiting) and three kinds of eye drops I now know why I
passed the vision test at the DMV and why I can still read
without glasses if I squint. My left eye is far-sighted and
my right eye is near-sighted. I'm going to get two pairs
of glasses--one for seeing far and one for seeing near.
Makes sense to me.

John stopped at Jerry's on the way home to buy some hardware
to finish the cabinets in his shop and while he was there he
bought me a Verilux bulb for the light I use at my quilt

We also stopped for a bit at his parents' house and invited
them to Gavin's band concert a week from tonight. I had
called my parents last week but my Dad is recovering from
some minor surgery and my Mom has a bad cold so they don't
think they'll make be able to make it although they did add
they are looking forward to seeing us all over the holidays.

After a quick trip to finish up grocery shopping at Safeway,
John went to the doctor's office for his flu shot and we
were home again by 2:30 p.m.

The rest of the afternoon I spent finishing up some
housework, including laundry, and starting dinner. I
watched the news. I plan on going to bed early and expect
I'll only read a few pages of my book before I doze off.

It's been a tiring day.