Random Insanity

Stumbling On Reality
2001-12-06 00:30:39 (UTC)

Gee whiz....

well, i have finally decided on the reason that i hate
people. They're all extremely stupid. I'm not saying that
i'm a super genius but the people that i call my "friends"
are completely dense. They don't understand when people are
sarcastic, they don't pay attention in class and so then
have to ask me fifteen thousand times what we're supposed
to be doing over and over again, they are also very easily
offended. Two of them are complete ditzs that i want to
strangle if i'm in their presence for over 5 mintues. I
need new friends but the only people left are the preps,
hate to group them all together like that but that is the
only way to group them. I'm one of those semi-goth (if you
can be one...) rebels that can't stand people that don't
even pretend to have a brain the size of pea. I don't
know...maybe it's me but lately i can't stand even slightly
retarded people. they just seem to set me off and i want to
strangle them. grrrr....i just want to be left alone and
live in my own little world. but unfortunately i have to
deal with this bloody damn world.
then there's history class. we started to talk about the
movie the Matrix. Then the secne with the blue and red
pills. I know that i would take the red one because i want
to live my own life and be free to screw up. I want to make
my own decisions even if they might be the wrong ones. But
then my classmates started to critisize me for doing so.
Just becuase they want to live in their own little comfy
worlds and not know it we really are brains in vats of
nutrients that esperience things just because of some
electic impluses to my brain. I had to fight the urge to
yell at them all to tell them that they just don't want to
leave their security blankets were their safe and unaware
of what is really happening to them. idiots....