Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
2001-12-06 00:23:20 (UTC)


nothing interesting today... cept that me and robin got
yelled at today in math class for eating animal crackers..
hahaha stupid bitch teacher, i hate her. even my gym
teacher wishes she'd go hang herself.

so dad's gonna be late all this week.. working and
working.. my sister lied to eric again, apparently was
sposed to go shoppin with him... she didnt. i had to eat
hot pocket thingies... they were ok.

listened to alkaline trio all day again.. i've gotten like
3404901241 people to like them :| i wanna join their street
team. but i am broke.

i didnt see ave much.... *shrug*

robin wants me to go somewhere with her tomorrow, but i
would need my own money, which i dont have, so i doubt i'll
be able to go.. but then she wants me to spend the night
friday. that should be nifty.... maybe i'll see stefan
sometime this weekend. i hope so, its been 2 weeks :|

well, thats about it today. so Chia..