Nothing but drama....
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2001-12-05 23:32:15 (UTC)


Hmmmm...the last two days have been pretty good. No fights
or periods of silence, and we even had sex..yeah :o) And it
was "Oh so good"....
I feel bad though because Jonathan has been staying up
pretty late these past few days, which ends up with me
giving most of my attention to him, and not to Damien. And
by the time the baby IS asleep, Damien is on his 100th
Oh and boy have I been stressing. I am broke as hell. My
inurance is giving me a hard time (they are a piece of shit
company), this room is a mess, haven't had time to clean, I
STILL haven't found an outfit for the Xmas party, and I am
feeling fat and ugly as hell. And to top it off Damien's
gotta get his teeth cleaned or whatever, and of course hes
gotta go to "Gicel's" of all places... Urrrrrr! That makes me sick.
The mention of her name, makes me sick. And then he wonders why
I get all bent of of shape. They both act as if they are
just the best of buddies....he being "nice" to avoid
problems, and her doing him favors....Pughleeez! And then
there's me, playing like this shit doesnt bug me....but
whatever I trust Damien when it comes to her, it just bugs
the crap out of me that shes going to be around him, and her loving
every second of it..... As it would any other person.
reason to get upset, he loves me and I know this, and thats good
enough for me, I hope he doesnt do something dumb like ends up coming
home all late. She gets off at 7, so we will see!!!

Going to look for an outfit once again. Wish me luck

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