My Unknown World
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2001-12-05 23:29:15 (UTC)


Man its amazing the shit you can learn when you get along with your brother. Wow shit i never thought I'd hear from him. Hmmmm... Well I cant go into that stuff but i had a long interesting conversation with him last night. I learned things from him I really didnt wanna know. But thats all just between me and him. Well its been awhile since i have written any thing. But I took the AS VAB today. I just hope I make a good score on it cuz im starting to think i really wanna join the military after all even though Tae doesnt want me to but i think it would be a good expirence for me. I just gotta wait for that call now. Hmmm... then again i like writing and my teacher said i did a great job on my paper I had to write on fear and i actually had fun writing it since i was able to write freestyle and not write just from facts and references. Well theres another thing for me to think about now. Im gonna end this here.