Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
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2001-12-05 23:24:57 (UTC)

12.05.01 Dream

Last nights dream had the same flavor as the dream i had the
night before. I seemed to be at some lake, there were lots
of young people running and swimming and generally having a
great time. We were resting on a rock formation, jumping in
the water off of it, etc. Then it was time to go, and come
to find out, this rock formation was also a vehicle, that
could drive on land. On the way back, (to where-ever), I
was sitting on the very last portion of rock, but it was
kind of slick and as we went down the road, i began to
slowly slide off the rock, the vehicle actually had to stop
so i didnt just just slide right off onto the road.
Last nights dream, felt like that, but we were at what felt
like the ocean. sitting on the rocks and watching the
sunset. then i heard a buzzing sound, slowly getting
loader, until we had to shout just to be heard. There was
also a big black cloud coming. One of the girls screamed
for us to cover out mouths and noses with our hands and not
to open them until they were gone. as soon as i closed my
eyes and covered my mouth and nose i started to be buffeted
by the bugs. It was like being underwater in bugs. the
fact that it was bugs didnt bother me too much, sufficating
was the major worry.
thats was the dream.