2001-12-05 23:09:43 (UTC)

Today = Fun

Hey dudes,
Today was the first performance. The one for the eighth
graders. It was our best show ever! It was so fun.
Especially everything that was going on in the dressing
rooms. (evil laugh) We had a surprise party for Rosaline,
and that cutie Romeo said it was sweet, so I was flattered
but I didn't know how to respond. But anyway, this is what
happened in the dressing rooms. The girls made the guys
line up and give Rosaline a lap dance. Lucky chick. Romeo
was first. Most of the guys started taking their clothes
off. (their pants.) After that there were some more lap
dances, and I was well complemented for mine. I only gave
two though so I don't feel that bad. I also booty danced
alot, and was also complimented on that. My friend told me
they were talking about me during lunch. Nothing bad. I
like this. People like me now that they find out I'm a wild
child. The only bad thing is that Romeo and Mercury weren't
partying and they are the cuties of the play. Ms Mannon
even said that from now all eighth graders are in love with
Romeo. Well I'll write more later. Now I got homework and
other things to do. Chow!

-Amnesia Spring