Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-05 22:52:00 (UTC)


Love.....that is a rather funny, yet confusing, word. Who
ever came up with it anyways? All I know, is that I have my
own definition of it, and even if you don't believe me I
don't care because I know how I feel. I guess in a way, it
is good that me and Zack are taking some time to just get
to know each other better, because I mean really, I think
we jumped into everything really fast, like I always seem
to do.....

Cuz I mean, the first night we actually hung out together,
we ended up like making out most of the I think
that that is a little fast. But I mean, I knew it the first
time that I met him, that I would definately like him, I
just didn't know it would be this much.

I guess I have my own ideas about love~ I think that in
order to say you are in love with a person, you have to
seriuosly think about what it is that you are saying. When
you say that, you should mean that they mean more than
anything to you, and that you love who they are, because
they won't look the way the do when you meet them forever,
and it has to be someone that you know you would not get
tired of, and that you could look at for the rest of your
life, and that......well you get the point.

And to make all my matters worse, my friend decided that
she was gunna be pissed at me because I talk about Zack too
much. But I mean, I love him, and he is all I have, it
seems to me that that is like me telling her that she can't
talk about cheerleading. But all of that just came at the
way wrong time, she started tellin me all that right when
me and zack started talking about taking a break....way
wrong timing, and I know that she is probably reading this
right now, and I just want to tell her that I'm not mad and
I still love her, but that really hurt, and I know she is
sorry, I just had to put it all down somewhere, and what
better place than my diary?lol

Well I guess that that is all for now, When I feel like
writing again, I will...

go check out my friend's diaries~ Jewlz~juliek, and