a little piece of me
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2001-12-05 22:50:25 (UTC)

i'm an idiot

it's true. i really am. i fucking failed my entomology
lab exam today. i went in early this morning to take it,
so by the time i had class the teacher had it graded and
gave it back to me. i haven't failed a test in a few
years. i know it's not the end of the world, but i fucking
shot my a. i'll be lucky if i get a b now. i have to get
a 100 on the final exam just to get a b in the class. gee,
no pressure, eh? i'm such a fucking moron! i don't know
what my problem is. i've been so overloaded and stressed
out for the past few weeks. it's no excuse. it's my own
damn fault that i failed. my gpa is getting the shit
kicked out of it this semester. i'm going to end up with 3
a's (if i don't fuck those up, too) and either 2 b's or a b
and a c. that's terrible! i had a 4.0 last year...ugh.
i'm so stupid, i swear. fuck, and i thought this week was
bad. next week is going to be hell!

after next week, things should get better. that means 2
weeks until brett gets here, although i'm majorly stressing
out about that, too. i know he's going to get here and be
miserable. then he'll be stuck with me for a little over a
week. i'm going to puke just thinking about that, so i
guess i better stop. i get stressed out too easy...

anyway, i'm going to go sleep/scream/cry/paint/something
before i go insane.