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2001-12-05 22:31:41 (UTC)

Hey all whats up!?

Hey everyone whats up? not much here, just chillin at home
doing nothing, well i just got off the phone with
marissa!!!!!!!, but she had to go so fast i didnt get a
chance to tell her i loved her so im doing it now. I love
you marissa! hehe. alright now then, im stuck at home bored
as hell like usual, and im all alone...Maybe ill go take a
hott bubble bath lol or something like that!! Hmmmm well i
guess i really dont have a lot to say. soo ill write more
later peace out. Oh and to those of you that wanna know
about me and marissa. u can send in a response, and ill
talk to ya. Well im out! Peace!

Love ya