Joshin Jane

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2001-12-05 22:04:09 (UTC)


the ceiling swirls
and the walls tease me into
a game of tag
as i take another drink.
i hear a voice hovering
outside my window,
in the toilet bowl as i share
my night out
with the blue water -
i am jack's liver.
is this my reality
or a recurring hazy dream?
i can see reflections in
my own eyes,
a blurry memory
of burning bitter liquid
trickling its way
down my throat.
brain cell genocide,
the voice says,
from my closet as i match shoes,
from the toaster as i burn toast.
as my head clears,
the kitchen fills with cigarette smoke,
clouds my senses
and last night
seeps through the grate
in the wall
with the ashy fumes.

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