CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-12-05 22:01:55 (UTC)

The sad one

Right now I feel really bad 4 Ross. We had this like hour
long talk last night about whats wrong with his life. Ross
is a great guy. Sometimes he's funny and he's real sweet
but at times he just doesn't know when to shut up. And he
can kinda get on ur nerves... But I mean if u were friends
with him and had been for a long time, would u start
dissing him and bein mean 2 him just because of it?? Cuz
when I met Ross he was with his friend Clint (also my ex)
and they were good friends, they use to go to school
together and stuff so they hung out some but they didn't
really live close to like 30 mins. but then Clint decides
to go to to ross's school instead of the one he did go to.
So here they are hanging out more kinda but as weeks pass
Clint starts making fun of ross and telling him to go away
and saying he's annoying.He follows the crowd because alot
of other people don't like him. So I'm gunna call clint up
and say something to him and ross I dunno when we were
talking about it on the phone he just sounded so sad about
it, like one the verge of sounding depressed. I felt bad
and I really just want to be there for him. He's a great
guy and he's really hott! Clint's not it's just whenever
Ross started going there he got off on the wrong foot cuz
he wasn't a really good kid so the impression wasn't the
best and since then not many people have liked him and his
parents won't move, but he hates it there. God I find it
really sad Clint would do that to Ross just because he went
with the crowd! My god! How shallow can u be!