**~Urban Angel~**

**~She Falls Apart~**
2001-12-05 21:58:29 (UTC)


11:02 am,

Yesterday was soooo great!
We went on our swimming trip at PT Erin pools which was alot of
fun!.We were playing vollyball in the water and roman kept pushing me
under water and havin fun and I pushes him into the water too.Him and
Amy(His girlfriend)were holding hands!! =(
* * *

Last night we had our graduation dance and it was fantastic.
We all had to dress up 60's and 70's fashions.I was wearing a rainbow
coloured mini skirt and a orange halter neck top with knee-high
stockings.John(this boy who likes me) wanted me to dance with him and
I was like "OMG I cant do that!" but I did anyway and it was alot of
fun too.I am soooooooooooo sad becuase its graduation and I will miss
all my best friends and everyone! (Roman is going to a different high
school than me!) I am staying home from school today because I am so

Love u 4eva,
**~UrBaN aNgEl~**...........

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