Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-05 21:52:19 (UTC)


Well, yes was very sad/emotional/confused/pissed last
night, but I feel better about a lot of that today. I'm
still pretty emotional and really confused. I don't know,
everything just reminded me of him today. And last night,
the song he sang to me all the time (love song for a
savior) came on the radio when I was listenin to it. I
started bawling. I'm feelin a little better now, I just
hope that he was serious when he said it was just until his
band thing was over, but in my opinion, a break is just a
polite way of saying I don't like you anymore, which makes
me soooo confused, but oh well. I just wish that he would
get online, or call, or something, so that I could just
pretend that everything is normal. I know nothing ever
stays the same, but my life changes a little to much for my
liking, and plus, there is no way I'm gunna let someone I
really seriously do love, just walk out of my life.