2001-12-05 21:28:36 (UTC)

last night sucked

My boyfriend is deciding to ditch me for the whole entire
weekend - including Sunday night cause his friends are
coming in for a football game. Now, don't get me wrong,I
understand that this is boy-time, but can you at least make
me feel like I'm slightly important to you. He has one
fucking friend coming in on Friday night - ONE. I asked if
I would see him at all this weekend and he say's, "I don't
know." Thanks asshole. Then I said, why don't you want me
around your friends and he tells me he doesn't want to have
to watch what he says and does around me. What the fuck
does that mean? I asked him that same question and he
said, oh you know, guy stuff. No, I don't know and if it's
something you can't fucking do or say around me then don't
date me. Unfortunatly for me, I have high expectations of
what I want out of a relationship. I want to be important -
important, is that so fucking hard to ask. Now I don't
know what to do. We should break up. He wants to see me
tonight but I can't stand him right now. I think I can
find a guy who will think I'm important, it can't be that
hard. No other guy has made me feel this shitty. Take
that back, but not in awhile.