Just Another Dumb Blonde
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2001-12-05 20:23:42 (UTC)


my stomach hurts a lot, like im going to throw up
(again) and my head aches are coming back, and i feel like
im gonna faint sometimes and its pretty scary... i dont
know what is up with my body lately... its kinda disturbing
cuz i dont know whats wrong!! but i dont wanna go to he
doc, cuz its probly nothing and then i will look like im
faking it. gosh!! this is not fun... and then frikin drama
queen caitlin is all ohhh im sick, ohhh im in pain, booo
hooo pooor meeee everyone feel sorryy for meeee meee
meeee... give me a fucking break. she says that she doesnt
want drama in her life, then she starts it. she says she
hates it when people feel sorry for her, BULLSHIT. she
complians non stop about how hard her life is. her life?
more like pathetic existance!!! she is so fucking lazy, she
lies, steals, is cruel, self centered... and it totally
sucks cuz everyone buys her "pay atention and feel sorry
for me" act. then the few people who know, like me for
instance, that she is totally bullshitting, look like total
jackasses when we tell her to shut the hell up!! which of
course makes her all the more happy about herself. GAWD!!!
this is kinda sad... but its true... i was thinking the
other nite about how sad i would be if my friends died...
then i thought of caitlin... and i realized i would be sad,
yeah, someone lost a life, the people who really love and
care for her are going to be very sad too. but i also
realized that i wouldnt be that sad really. how horible is
that?! i mean, shes supposed to be one of my best friends!
thats not how friends should be! but if she did die it
would make my life and so many other peoples lives
easier... no more name calling, shit talking, lying,
stealing... jeezus how can i be saying this?! its like we
are enemies it seems.
ok, well im gonna go... more later~bye

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