Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-12-05 20:13:08 (UTC)

LotR; Beatification; MBTI

I am so very happy that the Lord of the Rings was finally
attempted on the big screen. I am even more really happy
that it was attempted FOR A SECOND TIME! Remember, if you
will, the Ralph Bakshi treatment a while back. I LOVED
these books when I was but a wee youngin'. I followed the
adventures of Frodo, and Merry, and Pippin, and Gimli,
Borimir, Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf, Samwise, Gollum... It
was mythical in the storytelling, and for a kid who wasn't
even in his teens yet, the characters and the tale assumed
a reality more real than anything else in my life. I had
other friends my age who were also interested in it, so it
was great to commiserate.

Speaking of reality...I all too often lose grip of the real
world and fall back into the mystical realm of dreams. My
wife by marriage has immersed me into her religion, and so
we have been researching various patron saints for her
confirmation, and my baptism. I have no choice, according
to her. Some of us men think we rule the house, but that's
not true when you're not working (lol). As long as I'm
sitting at home, I'm under her rule, lol.

I couldn't believe it, when I first read the Hobbit, it
took me four ARDUOUS days to get through it, but I just
recently re-read it, and I breezed through it in two days,
and I swear that I remember every single detail... I
recently picked up the Silmarillion (and also another book
Hyperion Cantos), but depending on how much the Real world
wants to intrude into my introspective life, it might be a
while before I complete it. Also to round out my reading
selection for this winter, I've begun reading Joseph
Campbell's Power of Myth. Campbell has a lot of pertinent
things to say.

I must also say that I miss the power that the MBTI had on
me. When I first took it, I was confused. First I was
this, then I was that. I was astounded by its insight into
the human mind, and what it predicted in our personality.
I researched it further and discovered that it was based on
work by Carl Jung, and his so-called archetypes.
Psychologists would like to classify and clarify, but I am
more of the assumption that you can be whoever you want to
be. It's like acting...go through the motions, make
yourself believable, and you will become that person. Of
course, all it takes is a serious identity/ego crisis to
upset your own self-image, lol. You can always transform
your environment to suit your personality, but you
basically can't change people around you. Well, you can,
in a way, but I always like to see who they REALLY are--but
about half the time, they're just like me!!! According to
my test, I was inbetween E and I. You figure... I was
balancing my scales from being a total spastic! to a total
mute, but, well, that's just where I am. I also generally
instinctively prefer N over S. S exudes noisy people who
generally won't STFU, but I'm tolerant of other people...I
know that no two people are the same. My choice of N or S
partially also stems from the realization that events flow
through me faster by way of thinking. I could be blurring
my choice of definitions here, but I think that N
functioning is superior to S functioning if you lead a
quiet life, like I do. If I try to change to ES, I find
that my sensitivity to harmony is unbalanced precariously,
and I correct my mood internally. There is beauty in
harmony, and harmony in beauty. My T and F categories are
pretty much on the T side, lol. My brain just takes over
no matter is always controlling my F. If
anything, I can express a cold anger, much like Ender's
brother Peter in "Enders War", lol. I can _Make_ myself
lose the T, and thus fall into the F, but my N takes over
and so I am still controlling it, lol. J and P, well,
there you have my toggle switch between reality and
fantasy. Time marches on at a steady periodic step, and to
synchronize my life with it, would put me in step with
reality...because Time stops for no one, and so does the
rest of the business world, those who control my standard
of living. P leads me into trouble, of course, since the
place where I exercise it most fully is in my dreams, and
when I decide that I want to go on a spiritual journey, and
experience any jump or nudge in the continuum that we
call 'awareness' and 'existence'.

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