Nick's Journal
2001-12-05 19:59:10 (UTC)


Sure it seems meaningless amongst todays horrendous
obscenities, but if you look closely at it, it's actually
quite something else. In fact I have found that the
word "butthead" leads to many different things.

Someone calls you a butthead.
What are you?
Very simply put :
You are a butt that gives head.
Another way of putting a butt giving head in perspective
is to say that you are the recipient of anal sex.
Very simply, if you are male then, that means that you are
homosexual, or if you want to be politically correct about
it, you are a fudge packer.
Homosexuals are passive people.
Therefore you are now passive.
Hitler was a homosexual.
Therefore you are Hitler.
Hitler was a bad person.
Therefore you are bad.

There you have it. Very simplllllllllllle. Right?

That has got to be the dumbest bullshit ever. So why did
I write it? I wrote it in response to this new book
that's out. All the rave. It goes out of its way to
PROVE that Hitler was a homosexual. So fucking what? Is
that to say that Hitler was who he was BECAUSE he was
homosexual? In a society that prides itself in all this
non-discrimination we can't even see the most blatant of
it all. That book fucking sucks. That's all there is to
it. Sure he proves some extraordinary points, but that
just gets me back to point # 1. So fucking what? The
critics have said that it's great because it opens a new
facet with which to study Hitler. Sooooooooooo, is that
to say that we can pin some/all of his atrocities on the
fact that he was homosexual?
Maybe I'm just confused. Maybe I'm just stupid. But it
pisses me off when authors out there degrade
anyone/anything they can find just to sell their fucking
dumb ass shit. To the author of this book. Thanks for
explaining anti-semitism, through latent homophobia.
You're truly a genius.


--- To the girl sitting behind me, ryan, and juliann on
monday. What other color can snow be?

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