No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-12-05 19:50:43 (UTC)

thank you jessica, for ruining what took me 2 years to establish. thank you so much!

Nick- thanks so much. i really appreciate it. you know, i
have forgiven you for everything you've done to me. you
know that? I didnt do ANYTHING. it was your girlfriend.
not me. so now i get to pay for her stupideness? you did
this to me when you and alisha were together also. thanks

Jessica- you know, you need to grow up. Val said you
shouldnt be with nick if you're afraid everyone is talking
trash about you two. she said it flat out. and guess what?
you just ruined my 2 year friendship. thank you. i hope you
are happy. you got what you wanted. and if you werent so
freaking nosy and backstabbing, this would have never
happened. i forgave you for everything. i forgave you for
asking Scott out the day i was going to. i forgave you for
dressing and acting like me, and this is my thanks. you
backstabbed me one too many times. but, you have everything
you want. you wanted me gone, all you want is nick and him
not to talk to me. well, wish granted. mind your own
business, stop talking shit about people, stop being
gullable,stop being a backstabber and just knock it off. it
might help in the future.


Ok, I was talking to Kristina in the hall today about
Chirstmas presents. An innocent topic. Anyways, the bell
rang and i walked away, jessica went and asked Kristina
"so, what did she say about me today?"
I heard her loud mouth. i was mad. She talked shit about
me all first period. i heard that from Tessie. After 3rd
period in the hall, nick and i always stop and say hi to
her. she just stood there and walked away.
third period came and tessie wrote me a note asking me
why the hell i was saying shit about jessica. i explained
that i didnt and jessica was being stupid and mis-
understood. at lunch, Nick decided he wasnt going to talk
to me. that he wasnt gunna be my friend.
in art jessica wanted to act like nothing happened. i
almost hit her. she was like
"how was your day?"
"DONT EVEN ASK ME THAT JESSICA! You got your way, Nick
won't talk to me"
it went into a five min. convo and then i stopped
talking to her. oh i'm pissed. to make it worse, after
school i saw Daisy. she was like
"nick told me why he doesnt talk to you. he said you
cause to many problems. that all your friendship is
oh i was pissed then she said:
" he said he might break up with Jessica and still not
talk to you so it's even."

I WAS PISSED! he wont dump her. i'm not stupid. besides, i
know he'd choose a girl over a friend, he has done it