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2001-12-05 19:39:19 (UTC)

...Our Beginning p5...

After hours of this, we finally lay in bed side by side and
he caressed my
bare sking. This led to our conversation regarding age.
Eventually, I got
dressed again and he took me home. The next visit I drove
to the house, but
very reluctantly because I was horribly sick. I could
barely speak, my throat
feeling that it was on fire and was sleeping nearly twenty
hours a day and at
the same time trying to keep my grades up in college and
work at the candle
shop. So, I drove to the house and in my backpack had a
change of sweatpants
and a t-shirt to sleep in at his house. I got there and
knocked on the door.
I entered and he sat at the bar/ table writing in a
notebook. He said that he
was writing about me.

He immediately got up from his place and told me to change
into something more
comfortable. I changed and he said that he wanted to run to
the grocery store
to get some food for me. He told me to stay in the bed and
watch television
while he was gone. He walked to the bathroom that sat right
next to the bedroom
to get a pair of shoes. I sat upon the bed looking at him
and then got up to
go to him as he spoke to me. As I did, he immediately
slammed the closet door
in the bathroom and I laughed. He looked at me strangely
and I asked him what
was wrong. He told me not to go near the closet or to look
in the closet.
I really didnt know how to react, but I returned to the bed
and told him to be
careful on his drive to the store. He walked to the bedroom
door and stood with
back to the open door. I noticed his hand moving behind his
back and against
the doorknob. I couldn't really understand, but I stayed in
the bed. He told
me to be sure I didn't get up and I smiled at him.

Once he was gone, I realized that I had left makeup in my
car, so I got up
from the bed and went to the bedroom door. I was terrified
to know that it
was locked from the outside. I was locked in the bedroom!!
That had been why
he had fooled around with the door. He had been locking it
and trying not to
let me know. It wouldve been one thing to lock the door
from the inside, and
to have asked me if that was all right. But to lock me in
the bedroom? Some-
thing was very wrong. I had thoughts of going to look in
the bathroom closet
to see why he had been so very adamant about my not seeing
what was in there,
but as I looked at all of the mirrors that replaced walls
in the bedroom, I
began to wonder if they had cameras behind them. My heart
seemed to beat in
my chest and I felt as if I were holding my breath. Why was
I trapped in that
bedroom? He had no right. There was obviously something, or
many things, that
he didn't want me to see in the rest of the house. What was
in that bathroom
closet? It almost seemed too tricky and too easy for me to
be able to go look
in it. I felt as if some sort of trap had been set for me.
So, I went to the
bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and realized that
a touch up of
makeup would have really helped, and returned to the bed
and tried to feel as
if nothing had happened.
Finally, I heard him come in the house and unload his
groceries. He put them
away and it took him awhile. Finally, he came toward the
door and I heard him
unlock it. Yes, he had done it intentionally. It was
obvious. Did he think I
wouldn't figure it out?

He walked into the bedroom and kissed me and pulled out a
card from behind
his back. He gave it to me and said that he had written
what was said on it
while he sat in the parking lot of the grocery store. I
opened and read it
and he had written a poem. I smiled at him and tried to act
as if I hadn't been
locked in the bedroom for nearly an hour. He grabbed a
sweatshirt for me and
he changed into sweatpants and a t shirt. He crawled into
bed with me and said
that I was running a horrible temperature. He gave me Flu
medicine that he had
bought at the grocery store and I was immediately knocked
out. He slept with
me in the bed and I tried to forget that the door had been
locked and tried
to focus on the fact that he was actually taking the time
to lie in bed with
me and hold me while we slept. He had given me medicine,
but the medicine
knocked me out. It was a strange situation. We slept, or at
least I slept,
until the night and finally we woke and ate. I don't
remember what we ate, but
I remember that I was so very hot. I was sweating horribly
and knew that my
tempurature was too high to be healthy. He asked me to go
outside with him
because the wind was blowing and it was beautiful.

We went out on the deck and he sat me up on the railing. He
looked at me
beautifully and I was once again lost in his eyes. He
kissed me the way that
only he could and I held onto him. We stayed like that,
with the wind blowing
against us, until he finally led me back into the bedroom
and took off my
clothes. We spent hours together the way that we had those
nights before and
tasted the taste of each other's bodies.

I finally had to leave in order to get home before my
curfew. I drove home,
horribly sick but still trying to convince myself that he
hadn't truly tried
to lock me in his bedroom.

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