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2001-12-05 19:37:52 (UTC)

...Our Beginning p4...

The door opened and we stepped out into a very dimly lit
balcony area. We
walked around the corner and from one side you could look
out onto the
downtown streets and from the other you could look down
upon the beautiful
old lobby of the hotel.

He took my hand and pulled me close to him and began to
dance again. I found
myself completely taken in by the amazing presence once
again. This time as
we danced I ran my hand softly down his back as he caressed
the back of my
neck and slid his hand down my back so gently. I arched my
back into him
just slightly and he took my face in his hands and kissed
me like no one had
ever before kissed me. I responded immediately, but gently.
We continued to dance
as I nestled my face into his neck. He sang softly to me
the song that we had
heard in the restaurant. Then, he pulled back and kissed me
again, then pulled
away and led me to a small couch that was nestled snugly
beside the huge
window. He sat down and pulled me down to the couch with
him. He grabbed me
and began kissing me even more passionately. He caressed
my neck and ran his
hand along my collar bone and down my arms, and held me in
his arms. We kissed
for nearly an hour. Not stopping for anything. Simply
engrossed in each other.
I didn't want to stop. I never wanted to stop.

Never before had I been this way with anyone. I was a
virgin, and had never
even allowed myself to be seen nude with another. I had
come close but always
cut myself off, because I had always known that I wanted to
experience the full
effect with someone that I loved.

Thus, I began allowing myself to be engrossed by James. I
didn't hold back.
Finally, he asked me if I wanted to stay in the hotel that
night. I said no,
and he accepted it after some begging. He led me finally to
the elevator once
again and once inside, he began kissing me frantically

The night ended with a soft, single kiss in his car outside
my house. And
an aching to not be separated from him.

We decided to try the relationship regardless of the age
difference. As far
as I was concerned, the difference meant nothing but I
believe that it had
some affect on him. His reaction to my being so much
younger was one that
would have been difficult to conceal. And conceal it he
didn't do very well.

I remember so clearly driving the house that had been
provided for him. It
was not his own house but one that had been provided for
him by the singer
he played drums for. The house was very nice and was used
as a recording
studio as well. It was decorated immaculately. And the
bedroom was gorgeous,
almost entirely surrounded and a very large bed. However,
no matter how nicely
it had been decorated, there was something very cold and
lifeless about the
place. It was as if it hadn't really been lived in. The
feelings that I got
were difficult to place, so I ignored them. The one thing I
did know is that
I never truly felt comfortable when I was there. It was as
if I were always
walking on eggshells.

For about two weeks I would make the thirty minute trip in
my poorly running
car to the country to see him. He didn't offer to pick me
up and I suppose
that should have been an immediate sign of how he truly
cared and of how very
self-centered he was.

I would drive to the house and knock on the door and he
would answer and take
me in. The first time that this happened was nearly three
weeks after we had
been together at the restaurant and hotel. Yes, he had
called me repeatedly,
asking me to go with him places, but each time I didn't
accept. I felt ashamed
of the way that I had shown such affection only the second
time we had ever
been together. But I finally decided to stop playing hard
to get. I knew that
he was probably very used to women doing anything for him
because he was a
musician, so I decided that in order to make myself a bit
different to him,I
would play a bit hard to get.

Finally I gave in but told him that he would have to pick
me up and drive me
to his place. He did, a bit hesitantly, and drove me to the
house. We arrived
at the house and he began making me dinner. He made
fetuccini alfredo with
chicken and a salad. He brought it where I sat at the
bar/table, and then sat
next to me. I began to eat slowly but looked up when I saw
him not doing any-
thing but staring at me. I looked back into his eyes and we
stared at one an-
other. No one had ever gazed at me in such a way. He looked
at me as if I truly
were the most beautiful woman in the world. I could feel my
face heating up
but I held my gaze. He kept his hold on my eyes but gave a
cocky and mischevious
smile. I smiled gently in return and he leaned over to me
and kissed me. The
kiss was soft and delicate, but he pulled away and took my
hand. He led me into
the bedroom and stopped. He turned to me and kissed me
softly again. Then, he
began to caress my body so gently...so gently. I allowed
him to take off my
shirt and pants and then I watched him take his own off. He
took me to the bed
and laid above me, kissing me, caressing me. He asked me to
remove my bra and
panties, so I did. He removed the rest of his clothing and
held himself above
me. I gazed at his naked body and knew that I wanted to
devour it. I wanted to
taste him and feel him. I lay there below him as he gave me
the greatest
pleasure I had ever experienced. He spent hours devouring
my body, tasting my
body, experiencing my body, and I his. It was amazing and
not once did I allow
him to enter me. He knew that I would not allow it, so we
simply tasted each
other over and over again.

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