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2001-12-05 19:35:17 (UTC)

...Our Beginning p2...

So the first time that we went out was my meeting him at
Barnes and Noble for
a cup of Earl Gray tea. I had left work early that very
same evening that I
met him and drove him as fast as I could to change my
panyhose, which had a
horrible run in them. I drove home and my mother stood at
the door with another
pair ready for me to put on.
"You must really like this guy to risk losing your job over
a pair of panyhose
and a cup of tea" she said.
And I did, already.

So I drove to the bookstore and walked to the cafe. I
didn't see him until
walking to the back of the cafe where he sat. He pretended
not to see me until
I said hello and he got out of his chair and pulled out
mine for me to sit.
I sat and noticed that he was looking at a book of Van Gogh
art and a Modern
Drummer magazine.

"I am a painter as well." he said.

"Ahhh" I replied. I have always disliked Van Gogh's art
personally. He truly
couldn't have chosen an artist that I liked much less.

So, we began talking and he asked me about myself. I told
him that I had spent
the previous summer living with a Cherokee medicine man and
his family. I also
told him that I had spent most every summer before that
studying, landscaping and
leading trips in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
He seemed quite
interested and told me that he was a very experienced rock

We went to the cafe to order two cups of tea and after
paying, he fixed the
drink for me with cream and sugar, just the way I liked it.

We drank our tea and continued to talk. And when the store
was nearing closing
he walked with me outside to his car. He said that he had
something to give
me and I waited as he opened his back door. He took out two
pairs of shoes
that he had bought himself and then a bag from a toystore.
From it he took a
yo-yo and gave it to me. I really didnt know how to react
but thought that the
gesture was cute, so I thanked him for it.

I told him that I should be going and he took my hand to
kiss it. I allowed
him to do so and when he did, my heart truly skipped a
beat. I had never had
anyone kiss my hand. It seemed such a beautiful thing.

We said goodbye and I drove home in a blissful state of
mind. The next evening
he called me and asked me to go with him to a nice
restaurant. He told me to
dress up and that the dinner would be beautiful. So, I
accepted excitedly.

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