2001-12-05 19:32:40 (UTC)

...Our Beginning p1...

He spent an hour or so in the store ) and I showed him
product after product and told him about essential oil
after essential oil. I asked him what he did that took him
on the road and he told me about his drumming career.
Instantly, I simply couldn’t escape the draw that I had to
him. There was something so intriguing about the scent of
him, there was something so very foreign about his entire
presence. He told me that he had just returned from Africa,
but I couldnt shake the doubts that I already had in place
about musicians.
This had NEVER happened to me before. A surreal euphoria
entered my spirit and I truly wanted to take him into me.
What was it? How could that be? Perhaps this was what few
had but so many missed in their lives. Perhaps it was
simply lust. The only thing I accepted was that I wanted to
know him…all of him. There were songs that I had heard that
had taken my mind to places like where it was I stood when
I was with him.

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